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Despite the fact that they know their company is in desperate need of coherent, cost-effective marketing services, overworked executives often look at marketing as an unpleasant task or an untimely expense.

At V2 Marketing, we've been there. We understand that there sometimes just isn't enough time to do what's needed from a marketing perspective. That where we come in: We make it fast, enjoyable, and cost-effective. If we can eliminate one headache (or more) from the mounting list of daily pressures facing you, then we've done our job.

Perhaps, some of these situations apply:

  1. Your company description is different each time it appears in print.
  2. Leading trade publications write reviews of everyone's products, except for yours.
  3. Your company logo usually appears in different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on who's using it.
  4. When asked about the core value proposition you deliver to customers, none of your key employees has the same response.
  5. No industry analysts have ever heard of your company.
  6. Graphic consistency across corporate materials and sales tools? Forget about it.
  7. You find it impossible to describe your product in under three minutes.
  8. Your value proposition takes even longer.
  9. Your press releases include words like: "Revolutionary, uniquely positioned, next-generation, or global leader."
  10. No one knows exactly what it is you sell.
  11. You are committed to a trade show and you have no plan, no promotions, no booth, no collateral-nothing.